Sainsbury’s starts search for town to tackle food waste

The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has announced it is going to invest £1m in one UK town as part of a pilot scheme to reduce household rubbish.

The Waste Less, Save More initiative is looking for a town to become the test bed for innovation to discover which initiatives are most effective in reducing household food waste.

Findings and recommendations will then be developed into a blueprint and made public, so that communities across the country can benefit from the results. 

“We know that waste – and particularly food waste – is a big challenge for households across the UK and it’s something our customers really care about,” said Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe.

“Investing significantly in this area clearly demonstrates the scale of our ambition over the next five years and shows just how committed we are to helping our customers make a real difference in this area. We’re confident that the project, which will start with trialling and testing in one UK town, will result in positive change for many more.”

The scheme was welcomed by Environment Minister Rory Stewart, who said: “Waste Less, Save More is bringing together a major retailer and communities to generate new ideas to tackle this issue. I looking forward to seeing the successes from this scheme.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues