Public Power Solutions invites procurement tenders for two solar farms

The council-owned company Public Power Solutions is running a mini-tendering process for two 8MW solar farms near Swindon.

The move follows the successful implementation of a Local Development Order (LDO) by Swindon Borough Council to obtain planning consent for two farms.

The two projects are located on a former landfill site at Chapel Farm, Blunsdon, and at Common Farm, Wroughton.

Public Power Solutions will run the process using its unique Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

The DPS is a unique system developed by PPS, which enables public sector organisations to procure solar development quickly and effectively, and, importantly, in compliance with OJEU regulations. 

The mini tender is being run electronically through the PPS portal and those appointed to the DPS have been automatically invited to participate.

They are being developed as split-ownership projects in line with the Government’s Community Energy Strategy, so that part of each site will be owned by the community. Both sites have received pre-accreditation for the Feed-in Tariff.

“Using our Dynamic Purchasing System, PPS has been able to put together a competitive mini-tender quickly to ensure that we can work with the appropriate organisations so that the solar farms are energised in time to meet the FIT pre-accreditation requirements,” said Commercial Director, James Owen.

PPS has several other solar sites in the Swindon area in the Local Development Order pipeline, which will also benefit from the DPS when it comes to procurement.

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Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues