Lords call on EU to back up renewable energy targets

The House of Lords has called on the European Union to introduce enforcement mechanisms to ensure renewable energy targets are met.

In a report published today, the Lords’ EU committee said the EU-wide binding 2030 renewables target will not be delivered unless they is backed-up by monitoring and enforcement mechanisms.

The report also calls on the UK government to do more to report on its own progress on energy and climate goals. 

It adds the Government should also be clearer about its own long-term renewable energy strategy and energy and climate targets to ensure investors are confident to invest in energy for the long term.

"Energy is of crucial importance to everyone in Europe; we all rely on a consistent and affordable supply of energy,” said Committee Chair, Baroness Scott of Needham Market.

“Making sure that the lights stay on at home and that businesses are supplied with power is critical. We are also face a huge climate change challenge. The current historically warm winter is a reminder that burning fossil fuels is having an impact on our climate right now that must be addressed.

"The question for the EU is how to meet the twin challenges of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels while also ensuring abundant and affordable energy supply. We think the European Commission’s flagship Energy Union Strategy is broadly on the right lines but now is the time to ensure it is delivered by across Europe and by Member States domestically,” added Baroness Scott.

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government and energy issues