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Nov 08, 2015

Ewing demands action on energy security

The Scottish Energy Minister has written to Amber Rudd, calling for action over energy security issues.
Oct 31, 2015

Ofgem introduces new grid connection rules

New rules have been introduced to increase competition in the electricity connections market.
Jun 13, 2015

Local authority submits application for power connection

Breckland District Council has submitted an application to UK Power Networks (UKPN) for a new a local power connection.
Apr 09, 2015

National Grid unveils new “21st century” pylon design

The National Grid has unveiled its first new pylon design in almost 90 years, which has been built at its training academy in Nottinghamshire.
Mar 14, 2015

Government ‘sailing close to the wind’ over electricity capacity

A House of Lords committee has accused the Government of keeping the lights on, but only just, in a new report.
Feb 14, 2015

BELECTRIC to use solar energy to stabilize National Grid

BELECTRIC UK is working on a project led by National Grid to demonstrate how solar and other renewable energy sources can help stabilize the country’s power grid.
Nov 03, 2014

UK Energy projects awarded €75 by European Commission

A series of grid energy projects in the UK are to benefit from a €75 windfall from the European Commission.
Oct 27, 2014

Tunisian Solar Farm could power UK homes

A 2GW solar farm being developed in the middle of the Sahara desert could power more than 2.5m British homes, according to its backers.

Feature Articles

APSE Energy
May 18, 2015

OFGEM grid consultation - APSE response

This is the response by APSE to the OFGEM consultation on quicker and more efficient distribution connections.
asset utilities logo
Mar 24, 2015

Solar PV Farms - How to get capacity and a lower grid connection cost (Part 2)

In the second article in his series on how to improve grid connection costs, Marc Wynn of Asset Utilities looks at contestible and non contestible works.
asset utilities logo
Mar 17, 2015

Solar PV Farms - How to get capacity and a lower grid connection cost

In the first of several articles on how to improve grid connection costs, Marc Wynn of Asset Utilities looks at reducing costs.
Jan 12, 2015

The heat is on for Brighton and Hove

The chairman of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Housing Committee, Cllr Bill Randall, talks about why they and other local authorities are looking to heat networks to tackle fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.
Marc Wynn
Jan 05, 2015

Reducing Grid Connection Costs

Marc Wynn of Asset Utilities considers the way that local authoriites can reduce the costs that they are being quoted by Distribution Network Operators for connection of their renewable energy projects to the grid.
Steve Cirell
Jul 31, 2014

The role of local authorities in local energy generation

In this article Stephen Cirell looks at how local authorities can use their economic development powers to free up grid connections for more renewable energy projects in their areas.