Energy-From-Waste plant to be built on local authority land

Allerdale Borough Council has given the green light to plans to build a new Energy-From-Waste plant on its own land.

The council’s executive met on 14 October to let Greenwise Energy rent seven acres of land at Oldside, Workington, on a 125-year lease and build the new facility, which according to the officer’s report, will create up to 30 new jobs.

According to the report, the council will receive an annual income of £200,000 from the energy company for the land once the plant becomes operational.

The operator will also have the right to buy the freehold interest in the site for a sum equal to 15 times the passing rent.

The seven acres are part of a large parcel of land and the council believes further areas could also be redeveloped, but “that requires more thought and investment”.

“The scheme is planned to be the first of a number allowing Cumbria to capitalize on the expertise it develops, as well as to create a world-class facility in Workington itself,” the report states.

“Greenwise intends to use local firms for all aspects of the development thereby creating employment opportunities from day one.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues