Shropshire Council to look at forming energy company

Shropshire Council has become the latest local authority to consider forming a partnership with an energy supply company.

Under proposals to be considered by the council’s Cabinet tomorrow (14 October), the proposed new partnership would provide competitively-priced energy, giving some stability to the local energy market and a better deal for Shropshire residents.

If the plans are agreed, Shropshire Council will carry out an open procurement process to identify a licensed energy supplier as a potential partner.

Bidders will be asked to put forward their proposed options and delivery models for consideration.

“In the face of Government funding cuts we need to look not just at saving money, but also ways of generating additional income,” said Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for business growth, Cllr Steve Charmley.

“If Cabinet agree these plans, we’ll be looking to procure an energy supply partner with the specialist skills and capabilities to supply energy, and to operate an energy supply scheme for residents and businesses in the area.

“This partnership would help to generate income for the council, but also deliver a range of other important benefits for the council, and for the people of Shropshire.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues