Carmarthenshire to make more homes energy efficient

Carmarthenshire County Council has secured another £1.6m from the Welsh Government to make more local homes energy efficiency.

Around 195 homeowners in Llanelli’s Tyisha ward may be eligible for help, under the Welsh Government’s Arbed scheme.

The council has already spent around £3m under the programme, improving 320 homes in the area.

Only certain areas within the ward are eligible, and these homeowners are now being contacted by the council. Work needs to be completed by March 2016.

The money will pay for a raft of home energy efficiency measures, including new boilers and external wall insulation, making homes more comfortable and cheaper to run.

Cllr Linda Evans, Executive Board Member for Housing, said: “Energy efficiency is a key priority of the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard Plus – the programme which continues to maintain and improve the quality of homes in Carmarthenshire.

“We are pleased yet again to have secured funding to support homeowners who may otherwise struggle to make improvements to their home in order to reduce their fuel bills and keep warm and well.”

Carl Sargeant, Welsh Government Minister for Natural Resources, added: “I am pleased that the Welsh Government was able to award £1.6million to Carmarthenshire as part of our drive to tackle fuel poverty.

“We have invested over £20million on energy efficiency improvement works to 13 local authorities across Wales.

“Improving the energy efficiency of low income households is the most direct way in which the Welsh Government can tackle fuel poverty, which will help reduce energy bills and increase disposable income for thousands of households across Wales,” added Mr Sargeant.

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government and energy issues