Coventry tops energy efficiency league

Coventry City Council has come first in a new league table, measuring the energy efficiency of more than 100 local authorities.

The Local Authority Energy Index has been developed by Knauf Insulation, in partnership with GE and supported by Green Investment Bank.

It measures council’s performance in a number of areas, including energy efficiency in the community and housing, as well as energy management within their own buildings.

The Index published its second annual report on 19 November, which measured the energy efficiency of 103 authorities.

Coventry City Council was first with a score of 77.05 and Peterborough City Council was second with a score of 75.54.

“Many councils have already taken steps to improve the energy efficiency of homes, offices and local transport, both within their estate and outside and this report recognises the ground covered; usually in difficult circumstances dealing with ‘stop-start’ central Government programmes, and always with constrained budgets,” said Marketing Director at Knauf Insulation, Chris Witte.

“By creating a clear platform for engagement, the Energy Index helps local authorities to learn from each other, whilst providing a mechanism that encourages Government to adopt energy efficiency as a priority infrastructure investment.  A key element in delivering this, is the capability of local authorities to be strategic delivery partners of such programmes.”

The Corporate Director of Resources at Peterborough City Council, John Harrison added: “The energy market has changed dramatically in recent times, both in terms of the way the energy we use is generated and the ability to produce more localised energy. 

“This has presented a fantastic opportunity for local authorities.  We’ve certainly capitalised on this and it has enabled us to forge strategic partnerships with a variety of external private sector suppliers, leading to some major success stories.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues