The heat is on for Herefordshire residents

Herefordshire Council has launched a new online map to help residents find out how energy efficient their home is. 

The council carried out an aerial survey over two nights in February of Hereford, market towns and several selected with a thermal imaging sensor.

The online map shows which homes are losing the most heat.

“Residents can see how their homes are performing and can then look at ways they can improve their energy efficiency,” said Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Cllr Philip Price.

The council recently re-commissioned Keep Herefordshire Warm, a partnership with local energy charity Marches Energy Agency - aimed at improving energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty across the County.

“Homes that are poorly insulated and expensive to heat can have an impact on people’s health as well their incomes,” added Cllr Price.

“This survey will not only help residents see how much heat their home is leaking but also ensure the council targets those communities that need the most help.”

The survey was commissioned using funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and it took place after 7pm, when the skies were clear and the temperature below seven degrees. 

Cllr Price added: “Obviously our results are only a snap shot in time and if people were on holiday or didn’t have the heating on it won’t show up as emitting any heat. However, it will hopefully start people thinking about what measures they can put in place to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues