The future’s bright - the future’s Passive House

Exeter City Council has unveiled six new brightly-coloured and energy efficient homes, which will house some of the city’s most vulnerable families. 

The new eco-friendly homes at Reed Walk, Newport Road will house six local families who have been waiting for a suitable place to live on Exeter’s Housing Register. 

The houses are noticeable due to their bright colouring, which were carefully developed to reflect typical natural building materials of the Exeter area like Devon sandstone.

Built to the Passive House standard, each property contains a host of clever methods of saving energy, including triple glazing and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system. 

Rainwater collection and low water use fittings on all bathrooms and kitchens will reduce water usage in the homes by up to 60% and the Passive House standard can result in heating bills 90% less than those of a standard house. 

“These new houses, along with the recently completed sites at Silverberry and Barberry Close, are part of a wider project designed to make the most of underused sites in Exeter,” said Cllr Rob Hannaford, Lead Cllr for Housing Revenue Account.  

Cllr Sutton, Lead Cllr for City Development added: “These new homes are sustainable, environmentally sound and offer great energy-saving features for the families living in them. But they are also providing a space for a strong community spirit to grow and develop that will set these families in good stead in the future. Each child in these now homes can have a brighter future, safe in the knowledge that they have a consistent space to call home.” 

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues