Buckinghamshire awards AD contracts

Buckinghamshire County Council has awarded four contracts to treat food and garden waste for the coming two years.

The contracts, worth £2.2m, will ensure that the county's 17,000 tonnes of food waste each year will be processed locally in anaerobic digesters.

About 41,000 tonnes of garden waste annually will be turned into saleable compost using 'open windrow' composting techniques, allowing natural bacteria to break down the green material.

Cllr Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment said the contracts - with Agrivert, FCC, Shanks and Countrystyle Recycling - reinforced the County Council's commitment to achieve its target of recycling 60% of waste by 2020. 

Under the contracts, food waste from Wycombe, South Bucks and Chiltern districts will be taken by Agrivert Limited to its digester just over the county boundary in Wallingford.

The three districts' green waste, along with green waste from the seven Household Waste Recycling Centres in the south of the county, will be processed by Countrystyle Recycling Limited. Countrystyle will also manage bulking and transfer of biowaste at High Heavens, Wycombe.

Aylesbury Vale's food waste will go to Shanks Waste Management Ltd's digester at Westcott Venture Park, near Aylesbury, and FCC Waste Services (UK) Limited will handle the district's green waste.

“I'm very pleased we've been able to award these interim contracts,” said Cllr Whyte. “They'll do a great deal to help us forge ahead to meet our recycling targets speedily, which will be good for our residents and the environment.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government and energy issues