Solar Schools programme facing the axe

A nationwide campaign to install solar panels on schools could close next year if Government plans to cut subsidies go ahead.

The Solar Schools project, which is run by the climate change charity 10:10, said it will close at the end of next summer if the Government continues with plans to slash Feed-In-Tariff rates.

The charity said this will not the effect the 16 schools signed up for the latest fundraising round, which launched this week.

However, the charity added these schools had to scramble to pre-register their projects, and will have to raise money quickly. 

Solar Schools was set up in 2011, inspired by the way solar panels at West London’s Fox Primary had helped engage the school with climate change. 

Partnered with Good Energy for the last two years, it has gone on to work with 81 schools, installing over 1,000 solar panels and helping communities around the country raise more than half a million pounds.

"It is shameful to see the government changing their stance on support for solar in such a drastic way,” said Solar Schools Project Manager at 10:10, Cecily Spelling.

“Solar Schools is about so much more than just generating energy - it brings communities together and offers a range of opportunities for STEM education.

“Sadly, unless these proposed cuts are reversed, after this year, they’ll be no more solar schools benefiting from this magic.

“Our new cohort haven’t had the smoothest start, but they are now more determined than ever to reach their targets. I can’t wait to see what they get up to and help them along the way.”

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues