Always look on the LED side of life say Good Energy

Using energy efficient LED Christmas tree lights this festive season could knock a £20 off your electricity bill, according to Good Energy.

The renewable energy company has calculated that replacing old, incandescent fairy lights with LEDs could save you up to £20 on household electricity bills. 

According to a survey by Good Energy, one in three Brits (32%) still don’t use energy efficient fairy lights whilst a sizeable 41% also confessed to leaving their lights on for more than six hours a day over the festive season.

“It’s surprising how much electricity Christmas lights use up. Switching to LED lights, and being more careful about how long you leave them on for, will save you money, and is good for the environment too,” said Good Energy founder and Chief Executive, Juliet Davenport.

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government and energy issues