REA welcomes new National Infrastructure Commission

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has welcomed the launch of the Government’s new National Infrastructure Commission.

The Commission will be led by former Labour minister Lord Adonis, and will focus on three key areas - identifying priorities for future investment in the North’s strategic transport infrastructure, London’s transport system and energy.

In terms of energy, Chancellor George Osborne has called on the Commission to explore how the UK can better balance supply and demand, and aim for an energy market where prices are reflective of costs to the overall system.

The REA’s Senior Analyst, Frank Gordon, said the Commission should support energy storage as a “vital element of national infrastructure”.

“Storage is a critical component to the nation’s transition to a more decentralised energy supply,” said Mr Gordon. 

“Soon communities will be able to manage much of their electricity independently and businesses will be able to better predict and insulate themselves against unpredictable energy bills. This will enable new business models in the industry and facilitate greater renewables integration.”

And the REA’s Head of Policy and External Affairs, James Court, said he hoped Lord Adonis will “bring new thinking and vision to the crucial issue of how we develop the new energy infrastructure in the UK that is so desperately needed”.

“Consumers in the UK have shown a hunger to control their energy futures. Communities, businesses, and homeowners seeking to produce and manage their own energy supply should be able to do so. Energy storage is a critical component of this movement. It will allow for greater grid stability and will accelerate our path towards decarbonisation,” added Mr Court.

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues