A Guide to Biomass Renewable Heating Projects for Local Government and the Public Sector

The only ‘how to’ guide for a local authority intending to embark on a biomass heating scheme. Complete coverage from start to finish.

What this book is for

This book is intended as a guide to officers and members in local government and those in the wider public sector as to how to undertake a biomass heating project.
It covers all projects, large and small, and goes through all of the main stages, considers all of the relevant issues and breaks down the mystique involved.

Who should read this book?

Anyone who is considering a project, whether a technical officer (sustainability/energy), policy group officer (policy, legal, finance), asset manager, or those in the functional areas (leisure, education, housing) or direct services; together with Cabinet members, portfolio holders, scrutiny committee members and councillors with an interest in this area.
This book will also be relevant to those companies seeking to work for or supply to local authorities and the public sector.
The approach taken by the authors is that of a non–technical and easily understandable guide.

What it covers

The text goes through all the stages of a scheme. Click on the grey bar below for a full list of chapters. The extent is 328 pp.


How much it costs

The book costs £25, including postage and packing and is available from the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE). Multiple copies ordered by a purchaser will qualify for a volume discount.

The Public Sector Climate Change Series

This series of books will cover the range of different renewable energy technologies relevant to local government.

The next book in the series will be on wind energy projects.

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