Scottish councils top new electric vehicle poll

Dundee City Council and South Lanarkshire Council have topped a new survey, which ranks the number of electric vehicles owned by every local authority in the country.

The survey by Intelligent Car Leasing was based on Freedom of Information requests sent out to councils last year.

Four of the top five councils are all based in Scotland, with Dundee City Council topping with poll with 38 electric vehicles.

South Lanarkshire Council comes second with 24 electric vehicles and Glasgow City Council is third with 22.

The only non-Scottish local authority in the top five is Islington London Borough Council, which has 19.

Out of all the councils who responded to the survey, one in three has at least one electric vehicle in their fleet. 

“With one in three local councils adopting electric vehicles on some level it paints an encouraging picture,” said survey author, Peter McAllister.

“I think as electricity production in the UK becomes more fuelled by renewables the number of councils adopting electric powered transport will vastly increase.”

Dundee City Councils’ Environment Convener, Cllr Craig Melville, said: “Dundee City Council is fully committed to environmental friendly transport.By the end of the financial year we hope to have 51 electric vehicles in our fleet.

“Theses cars help to combat poor air quality issues across the city, which is beneficial for everyone.”

Last week, Public Sector Energy reported on a new deal between Aylesbury Vale District Council and Enterprise Rent-A-Car to supply the local authority with a new fleet of electric vehicles.

To look at the entire list, click here:

Jamie Hailstone is a freelance journalist and author, specializing in local government, transport and energy issues


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